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Luisa Ortiz Pérez, Human Innovation Lab & Founder @LuOrtiz

Lu is a disruptive communicator, civic entrepreneur and non-violent political action organizer. Executive Director for RealTechGlobal.org, founder of Nova-Mexico.com now NVA Labs, she has worked in managerial positions for Change.org, Televisa Interactive Media, Yahoo! Mexico and Yahoo! Hispanic Americas. She has trained activists, organizers and change makers around the globe since 2003. luortiz@realtechglobal.org



Miguel Méndez, Think, Draw and Act Lab @polkalliyuri

Mike studied Visual arts at the National School for Visual Arts at the National University. He primarily researches and produces multi-disciplnary art at the Multiple Media Seminar. He is a co-founder of the Colectivo Muñeca Fea where he teaches art to street urban indigenous chilldren . miguelmendez@nvalabs.org

Lorena Cofradía,  Digital Media Design Lab @lorenacofradia

Intrepid communicator and astute photographer with a wide experience in editorial, creative and multimedia projects using video, photo and animation. lorenacofradia@nvalabs.org







Luz María Chimal, Consultant @akaLuzita

She holds a masters in international development with expertise in social media, public policy, cyber security, innovation, development, international affairs and open government and public relations. She has been a part of international events and meetings. She has been a consultant in social change, cooperation programs and developments well as communications strategies and fair trade in the public, private and social sectors. luzchl@gmail.com

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