What we do

We design learning, communication and disruptive communication using non violent methodologies.

New image and annual report brochure and videos for Vita-Activa.Org . Vita-Activa.org, is a helpline and solution lab for women journalists, activists and human rights defenders who face gender-based violence online and want to change the way we approach and face the challenges that violence generates.

Program and Graphic Design for Modelo para Armar, the second massive and open online course (MOOC) produced and conceived by Chicas Poderosas with the support of the Google News Initiative, to address, converse, define, redefine, build, deconstruct and hack the spaces in which we do journalism, communication and media work.

Program and Graphic Design for Mujer, Poder y Medios: Leadership Course for Women in Media, created by Chicas Poderosas with the support of Meedan, Sida and Google News Initiative. This massive, open and online course sought to strengthen their ability to lead teams in a framework of horizontality, collaboration, inclusion and empathy. The course brought together women of diverse backgrounds and ages in a complex context marked by the pandemic and social outbursts, and constituted a safe space that made emancipation possible in the face of those cultural burdens that limit the potentialities of women.

Idea Map prepared by the attendees of the 5th CAM SAM Congress, The paradigm of the urban architect. More architects, better cities, in 2018. Thanks to Liliana Carolina Vazquez García, María Fernanda Vazquez de la Mora, Luisa Juárez Meza, María Fernanda Zaldivar Tijerina, Sergio Daniel Polanco Mariscurrena, Ana Itzel López Santa Cruz, Susana Miranda and to MArq.Guillermo Ortiz Taboada. A special recognition to the volunteers from the School of Architecture of the ESIA-Tecamachalco for their support.

Graphic and Concept Design for Hacks de Vida (Life Hacks) is a guide to better understanding online gender violence in Latin America and how to support those who face it. Targeted at female activists and cyber security experts, it draws on the testimonies of more than 20 campaigners and specialists from the region and deals with the effects of online gender violence on a personal, technical and community level. Authored by Estrella Soria and Luisa Ortiz Pérez in collaboration with IWPR, it was released in March 2018.

This campaign of collective learning, games and audio, video and printed materials was carried out through co-creation processes with indigenous youth from Guatemala and Honduras. You can find the materials on different social media platforms in #Defensorxsdelamadretierra.

Real Tech is a tactical map of disruptive innovation technologies used by and made for communicators, disruptors and activists. Its goal is to showcase how people overcome an ever increasing array of physical, security and financial challenges, take control of technology and resources and inspire others to continue organizing and acting to change the world. Explore our Concept note





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